Intelligent Lifts


Keeping lifts & escalators available 24/7... how do we do it?

Planned preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your equipment in safe working order and to prevent breakdowns before they occur.


Our service schedules cover every type of lift, escalator and moving walkway. These schedules are applied effectively from site to site by our highly qualified expert engineers, utilising their invaluable experience, product knowledge and CPD training.


Maintenance consists of necessary lubrication, technical adjustments, housekeeping, systematic checking of wearing parts and assessment of safety critical components.


With our proactive approach to maintenance we get the best out of your equipment keeping it running at optimum performance for longer, extending servicable life as well as increasing passenger confidence and customer satisfaction.


Intelligent maintenance schedules have been specially designed to be easily applied from site to site to all types of equipment, taking into account any OEM or model specific maintenance instructions.


Our engineers are experienced working on all manufacturers equipment.  It really doesn't matter who carried out the installation, Intelligent can proactively maintain it.



Instructing Intelligent to maintain your buildings lifts or escalators will satisfy your responsibility to have this specialist equipment maintained by a competent engineer.