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A Service You Can Trust

Find out about how we ensure our operations are safe, sustainable, and certified.

We're Always With You

Our modernisation options include real time remote monitoring, enabling exemplary technical support and statistical data analysis.

A One-Stop Shop For All Your Needs

Our field staff are qualified to carry out a wide variety of jobs from regular maintenance to upgrades.

At the Cutting Edge of Lift and Escalator Services

With our modern apparatus and outstanding technical ability, Intelligent Lifts maintains your systems to an exceptional standard.

Contractual Maintenance

We undertake proactive contractual maintenance across a range of multi-brand equipment. Our modern cloud-based remote monitoring systems also permit us to receive instant alerts to running conditions, statistics and any issues arising on site. This gives us the opportunity to respond swiftly by either diagnosing and fixing the issue remotely or despatching an engineer. 

Driving modernisation

We were the first UK lift contractor to bring the renowned 'Thor' CANopen-Lift control system to the UK market across all lift arrangements. CANopen-Lift is an internationally standardised open data protocol, enabling Intelligent systems to be constructed in a modular fashion without restricting customer choice, options or aftercare by any reputable lift contractor.

Our Mission.

To inspire confidence in our products and services each and every time by applying innovative technologies, remaining visible and building long term relationships founded upon trust.

Our Priorities

Compliance – We conduct periodic, formal review and assessments of our compliance with all applicable legislation affecting our activities.

Leadership & Commitment – Management and others in positions of influence are required to consult, create and communicate the vision for our future.  Promoting innovation and adaptation to change as well as encouraging others to commit to it, we aim to keep our teams energised and motivated.

Emergency Preparedness – Unexpected events require an immediate response to minimise adverse effects.  Our business continuity plan is regularly updated and our ongoing training repertoire equips our staff with the tools they need to act appropriately.

Continual Improvement – Nobody is perfect and Intelligent continually seek opportunities to improve the effectiveness of our business.

Our Commitment to Good Service

Reliable - Having provided an impeccable service to our clients for over 10 years, we consistently meet and exceed expectations . Accountability and trust are at the heart of our mission.

Responsive - In the event of an equipment malfunction, we act without hesitation. In most cases, we will have an engineer at your site in under 4 hours, or within 60 minutes in the event of an entrapment.

Flexible - We serve a diverse client portfolio from residential properties to commercial, blue chip organisations, leisure, healthcare and critical environments including some of the worlds leading data centres.

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