A well specified modernisation can in most cases provide the same benefits as complete renewal at a fraction of the cost and with a vastly reduced down time.  We are experts at pin-pointing any reliability, obsolescense or compliance issues to a particular component set and act to interface any upgrade seemlessly within the rest of the original lift system.


Intelligent install and commision a wide range of highly reliable control systems from basic relay logic all the way up to advanced open protocol CAN bus multi-car group systems with direct to floor regenerative variable frequency drive units.  We also install new machines, car and landing door equipment, passenger controls, shaft equipment, safety devices, hydraulic equipment and emergency telephone autodiallers.


Upgrading with Intelligent leads to increases in the following parameters:


Expect the best when choosing Intelligent for your upgrade or modernisation...

Lift Control Panel
  • Availability of parts 'off the shelf'

  • Reduced floor to floor flight times

  • Extended servicable life

  • Passenger confidence and satisfaction


  • Reliability

  • Reduced passenger waiting times

  • Quiet, smooth operation with superior ride quality

  • Safety improvements

  • Compliance with up to date standards & regulations

  • Eco effeciency

  • Lower life cycle costs

  • Cosmetic improvements

  • Reduced maintenance

This list is by no means exhaustive, please contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.


Intelligent have the facilities in house to provide remote elevator monitoring for analytical purposes as well as optimising the performance of the equipment.


We install emergency lift telephones known as 'autodiallers' to any lift linked directly to our 24hr helpdesk. Our units are fully compliant with EN81-28 and assure that any trapped passengers are reassured and rescued as soon as possible.


We remain competitive but install highly advanced, reliable equipment with much shorter down times for refurbishment than our competitors.