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I am responsible for managing a lift in my building. What do I need to do now?

You are responsible for keeping your lift in safe working order.  Firstly, you need to arrange for regular maintenance.  If the lift is used at a place of work, a thorough examination will also be required at intervals set out in legislation.

Can Intelligent look after any manufacturers equipment?

Yes.  Intelligent can proactively maintain, fault find, repair and modernise equipment of any manufacturer.  We own a host of electronic diagnostic equipment and stock a huge range of all manufacturers parts.

What is a thorough examination?

Although many of the checks are similiar, this is not the same as maintenance!  A thorough examination focuses only on the safety of the equipment in line with LOLER regulations.  This will usually be carried out by your insurers or a nominated 'competent person'.  It is not recommended to have the lift contractor carry out this inspection as essentially they will be assessing their own maintenance work.  This may also be referred to as a statutory examination or an insurance inspection (as the insurers usually carry this out).  A thorough examination will be undertaken either to a specific schedule for the equipment, or every 6 months for a passenger carrying lift, or annually for a goods only lift.

What about if the lift breaks down with somebody stuck inside?

You are resonsible for putting an emergency plan in place for the rescue of trapped passengers.  We operate a 24hr manned helpdesk ready to respond to any emergencies, calling the Fire Brigade should only ever be considered as a last resort.

The trapped passenger should be able to attract attention via an audible siren/alarm bell for the emergency lift service to be alerted.  Many lifts have an emergency telephone autodialler which acts as a direct voice link to the emergency service.  Since July 1999 lifts have been required to have 2-way communications.  Ask us today about our fully EN81-28 compliant autodiallers.

Must I have any additional testing carried out?

Additional testing is no longer statutory, but instead now supplementary.  Older lift testing framework has since been split up into a list of 22 specific tests.  These tests are now only required where called for by a competent person (could be called for to support the thorough examination, a concern arising from routine maintenance, a lift consultants specification or indeed the client can request themselves).

Do I have to upgrade my lift to modern standards?

Yes.  BSEN81-80 is the current standard relating to the modernisation of existing lifts and you must make reasonable adjustment to the lift system in order to comply.  It is important to realise that new products and technological advancements in the lift industry greatly improve the safety of existing lifts.  If you are unsure, please contact us.

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